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Goshisho Kai Kan (New York)


89-60 164th ST,

Jamaica, NY 11432.


Class starts at 3:00pm and ends at 5:00pm on Sundays.



Sri Lanka
Hombu Dojo (Sri Lanka):
No. 60/A/9 “Issuru Uyana” Batepola,
Dunagaha, Sri Lanka.
Tel: 94-31-2247698
E-mail: nissankatennakoon@hotmail.com
Grandmaster: T.P Nissnka Tennakoon
Dojo (USA):
Sensei Amesh

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Tennakoon Pathiranage Nissanka

Date of Birth : 1955-05-24
Education Qualification : High School (G.C.E.AL)
Provision : Production Manager (Ceramics)
Started Karate : 1969 ( Age 14 )
Received Black Belt : 1st Dan from grand master Choo choo Shoot , 1980 (BUDO KAN)
Started Asian Red Drogen Budokan Karate Association in Sri Lanka 1981.
Started Saudi Arabia Dojo in Saudi Arabia (employed Saudi Baharani Cement Co.)
Participate Saudi open tournaments 1984, 85, 86, 87, kata and kumite 1st and 2nd.
Took part Budokan World tournament in Malaysia 1987 (kata, kumete, and kobudo)
Received 2nd Dan from Grand master in Malaysia 1987 and 2 month special training.
Received 3rd Dan from Grand Master Malaysia 1987.
Affiliated to Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association 1989.
Received Shotokan 3 rd Dan from Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi 1990.
Started Funakoshi Shotokan in Sri Lanka 1991.
Affiliated to Sri Lanka Karate –Do Federation (National Body) in Sri Lanka.
Took part Central Province National Championships 1991, 92, 93 Kata 1st kumete 1st.
Took part Sri Lanka National Championship in 1992, 1993, Kata 2nd.
Selected to Sri Lanka National Pool (kata)
Selected to participate in 12 W.K.F. World Championships in Kotakana Balu Malaysia 1994 for Sir Lanka teem Kata.
Appointed as Treasure for Sri Lanka Karate- Do Federation (National Body) 1994 and 1995.
Open branch In Mumbai India 1996.
Went to India and grade under Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi for 4th Dan 1994.
In India Branch Instructor came to Sri Lanka Honbu for 1 month training 1996.
Affiliated to British Shotokan Karate Union International U.K 1996.
Invited Shihan Breeze to Sri Lanka for training 1996.
Shihan Breeze came again to Sri Lanka and we both visited to India Branch 1997.
Went England for Grading 4th Dan and training 1997.
Went England 5 Th Dan and training 1998.
Invited Gojuryu Meibukan Hanshi to Sri Lanka to training Goju Ryu (Yagi Meitatsu)1999
Went England for training 1999.
Went Okinawa Japan for train Goju Ryu and receved 3 rd dan from hanshi Yagi Meitatsu. (10th Dan Goju Ryu)
Came to U.S.A to learn Full contact karate under Kancho Tadashi Nakamura (SsidoKarate) 2000.
Came again to U.S.A to Joing Shukokai International with Sense Darrel Williams 2001
Came back and join Shukokai International and received 5th Dan Shitoryu Karate. 2003 under Shihan Kunio Miyake.
Affiliated Kyokushin KAI KAN Tezuka group under Sensei Hamilton 2004.
Took 1st in Kata New York State Tournament in 2005.
Took part open champions ship in upstate New York Kata 3rd Chefe gets is Film star Chuck Norris 2005.
Received 6th Dan from Trinidad Karate – do alliance 2006.
Started my own style: GOSHISHO KAI KAN 2007.



Welcome To Goshisho Kai Kan


Goshisho Kai Kan is a full-contact martial arts style developed by Sensei Nissanka. This style is very effective in defense, attacking and sports. This martial art builds physical strength and mental power.  We teach various ages starting from children 5 years old. For more information please fill out our contact form on our contact page.



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